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Are you tried of living in pain?

Do your joints constantly hurt?

Do you get terrible migraines?

If so then you are probably suffering from a sensitivity to nightshade plants.

You need a Nightshade Free Diet

Most people are eating nightshade plants daily and have no idea they contains small amounts of neurotoxins, that are causing them pain and digestive problems. Tobacco is a nightshade and the toxins take years to develop into cancer. Most of the public are eating nightshades without even knowing they are eating the same toxins found in tobacco.

You are very familiar with Nightshade plants or Deadly Nightshade even if you do not recognize the term. Eggplant and white potato are only two of the many nightshades we eat. These plants contain poisons that attack the nervous system, joints, brain, and even cause cancer and inflammation. Unlike most toxins we encounter, nightshade toxins build up over time.

The toxins found in Nightshades (scopolamine , atropine, solanine, nicotine and more) may be the leading cause of Arthritic inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Migraine headaches, birth defects, miscarriages, inflammatory bowel disorder, and Crohn’s Disease.

In the book you will find the evidence from scientific studies showing how nightshades are harmful to many people.

Arthritis Relief

Of the 52% rigidly on the diet [without nightshades], 94% reported complete or substantial relief of arthritis…”– Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medical Surgery

Nightshade’s cause injury to your joints in two ways, the first is with inflammation, and the second is by a system of depositing calcium into the joint itself. This in turn starts the cycle of arthritis. IT CAN BE STOPPED! Hundreds of people have found relief and healing from arthritis, by following a nightshade free diet.

Here’s what our readers are saying about Nightshade Free Pain Free!

Dear Michael,

I have just read your book ‘Night­shade Free Pain Free’ which I found inter­est­ing and infor­ma­tive, and a very use­ful addi­tion to my under­stand­ing on the night­shade prob­lem. I have been on a ‘no night­shade’ diet for about 10 months since read­ing Dr Childers’ book on night­shades and some bad joint prob­lems that have more or less com­pletely disappeared.

(Lon­don, UK)

Dear Michael,

I have been diag­nosed with an arthritic con­di­tion — anky­los­ing spondyli­tis — and after read­ing the book, I now intend to com­pletely avoid the night­shade plants. If you are expe­ri­enc­ing pain, it would be worth­while to read this book and then avoid the nightshades.


Dear Michael,

Around 30 I devel­oped arthri­tis as a result of a vac­ci­na­tion that was required for my employ­ment. I’d always (I thought) eaten pretty well and tried every­thing in my arse­nal to com­bat the arthri­tis. I came upon the work of an herbal­ist, John R. Christo­pher he claimed that cayenne pep­per could cure every­thing from heart dis­ease to arthri­tis. So I duti­fully con­sumed my “health drink” of tomato juice and cayenne pep­per daily. When I started to feel worse, I was told by well mean­ing friends this was a sign that tox­ins were leav­ing my sys­tem. By chance, I saw your book on Ama­zon and ordered it. Imag­ine my shock when I learned that my beloved con­coc­tion was chock full of neu­ro­tox­ins! I promptly cut out all night­shades and sure enough, my arthri­tis has dis­ap­peared!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Deb­o­rah, New York

Migraine Relief

In my book I show exactly how nightshades plants cause migraine headaches. migraine_lThis new research destroys the idea of trigger foods for migraines. People talk about trigger food because they are desperate, and feel it is associated with food. They are right! The problem is the wrong foods are being blamed. Every person who follows my advice finds 100% percent relief from migraine headaches. They are gone forever. Image living migraine free, well now you can.

Dear Michael,

I have suffered from migraine headaches, arthritis, and digestive disorders for years and I am finally beginning to feel better. I recommend the information in this book to anyone suffering as I have been. I can see the benefits for myself and I believe the book is a real gift to so many of us who are suffering needlessly.


(New York, NY)

Did you know that pregnant women should be especially careful of nightshades?

“…{nightshade} neurotoxins have been shown to cause birth defects…” –Dr. Bruce N. Ames and Dr. Lois Swirsky Gold.

Find out how nightshades are affecting you and your loved ones today, and what you can do to prevent being harmed by them over time.

Mr Fowler has written a comprehensive book on a health problem that largely goes unrecognized by physician and lay person alike. Solanines in nightshades can cause a myriad of different health problems in susceptible individuals. Michael gives history, biochemistry and solid this book is worth reading.
Dr. Michael Lebowitz, DC

(Grand Junction, CO)

Stop living with pain Needlessly!

You need a Night­shade Free Diet

Marine RunningNightshades cause endless health problems for so many people, who could be living wonderful lives. When I was young I was in great shape ran track, worked out and joined the U.S. Marines. But, as the years went by all of my joints began to ache and became inflamed. I was only in my thirties and walked around like an old man. It looked like it was going to be a long and very painful life.

Then, I made this amazing discovery of how nightshades affect our health. How they harm our digestion and joints. Now, I workout every day without pain, I’m stronger than when I was in the Marines, and no more awful headaches!

If you are in constant pain, suffering from migraines or digestive problems, please read my book and pass it on to someone who can use it too!


Michael Fowler

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